Most people have no idea where Koondrook is, so I figured that the easiest way to show them would be to quote some existing webpage address where a good map already appeared on the Internet - right? Well I did some Google searching and couldn't find anything remotely like a decent map which indicated precisely where in Victoria our little town is located. So I've scanned a map from an old travel book - I've done a couple of modifications and added Koondrook. You'll be able to spot it just at the end of the words MURRAY RIVER in the top half of the map. I'll probably replace this map as soon as I locate a better one!

Our little "Limberlost" cottage (pictured above with myself and Liz on the verandah) is about 250 feet from the banks of the Murray. We bought it in 1994 as a holiday house, and moved here permanently in Y2K. The aerial shots below illustrate our proximity to the river. My brother, Barry, and his wife, Jan, moved up here to Koondrook in 2003. Barham is our "sister" town across the bridge in New South Wales.

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